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What are heirloom seeds?  They are the same seed varieties that your parents, grandparents and other ancestors grew in their home gardens.  They are tried and true and offer wonderful benefits.  To read more about these benefits, scroll down on this page.

All of the seeds we sell have a 75% or higher germination rate (unless specified due to natural lower rates). Also, detailed sowing instructions are included on each seed packet.  Refer to our 'Gardening Tips' page for some super additional information.


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For fast and convenient service simply place your seed order online using this web page. Payment is made through PayPal. If ordering by mail is preferable, please send us your completed order form which is accessible by clicking on the 'Seed Order Form' listed below.

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Selections labeled as 'CERTIFIED ORGANIC' mean that the parent plant that produced this seed was grown organically.  No chemicals were used.

Heirloom seeds offer many benefits.  Listed below are just a few.

FAMILY TIME - Growing a garden is a super way for families to 'grow together'.  Kids will love to see 'Purple Russian' tomatoes or 'Moon & Stars' watermelon. Learning how-to-grow a garden from seed will be invaluable for your children.

COST - The money saved by growing your own produce is increasing during the current economic shift.

STABILITY - Sowing the seeds saved from a 'parent' heirloom will produce a true-to-type plant and produce. Hybrid varieties grown in mass (store bought) usually produce sterile seeds.

HEALTH - Tests have proven that heirloom produce has more nutritional value than hybrid (store bought) produce.  Also, you get to choose the types of fertilizers and sprays that are used while avoiding potential E. coli or Salmonella outbreaks.  

TASTE - Heirlooms are far better tasting than their hybrid counterparts.  We hope you will want to see for yourself.

SELECTION - There are hundreds of heirloom seed varieties available that are unfortunately not grow commercially. Nurseries will sell hundreds of vegetable plants, but only a few varieties. Green Barn Gardens offers many seed varieties from which to choose that are shipped to you ready to sow in your own garden. 


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