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Slow Food Utah

A non-profit organization dedicated, in part, to promoting the "buy local" movement, small independent farms, local producers & retailers, and various organizations similarly inclined.

Best Organic Fertilizer

A natural solution for maintaining healthy and hardy plants.  This site offers a variety of natural fertilizers with instructions for use and educational tips.

Organic Pest Control

A super source for controlling garden pests with organic methods that are safe for people, pets, and waterways.

Container Gardens

This site provides comprehensive information on using containers for growing your garden.  This is a super way for those who live in an apartment or who have very limited outdoor space, to grow the garden they have always wanted.

The Barn Journal

This site is specifically for those who are dedicated and appreciate the preservation of traditional farm architecture.

This site introduces a space saving way to grow a vegetable garden. A link for exceptional help for those who have small spaces but want to grow a full sized garden.

Farm and Garden

Farm and Garden is an online community web-site that offers help by promoting small scale agriculture sustainability.

Gardening Jokes and One-liners

Many humorous gardening jokes, puns, riddles and one-liners.  

Garden Humor

Dave Hobson's publishes funny jokes, stories and other stuff about gardening.   

The Savvy Gardener

A favorite gardening web-site originating from Kansas City, Mo., has useful information for all areas.

Kids Gardening

A super site for kids and parents to learn together about the various aspects of gardening.

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Professional Organizations and Resources.......

USDA Plant Database

This site provides standardized information about the various plants of the U.S. and its territories.

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

This site provides information and assistance to thoses involved in sustainable agriculture in the USA.

The Organic Trade Association

An online resource for those who want to make the best possible decisions about organic agriculture and organic products.

USDA - The People's Gardens

The USDA web-site on food and nutritional information, including regulatory requirements on organic food labeling.  Helpful when shopping at the grocery store for food identified as organic.

American Horticultural Society

One of the oldest gardening associations, The American Horticultural Society offers superb help.

American Rose Society

A super organization for Rose Lovers!  This site provides excellent information about roses.

National Audubon Society

The National Audubon Society promotes natural ecosystem conservation focusing on birds and other wildlife.

The Hummingbird Society

A wonderful organization and site for hummingbird lovers.

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