Green Barn Gardens offers a beautiful and unique outdoor location ideal for family photos, or intimate special events and parties. In addition to the Green Barn there are groomed areas with flowers blooming, and areas that are more natural county style. Please scroll down on this page to see more photos. Directions to Green Barn Gardens are located on our Contact Us page.


                                                   Rental Options

Caught tasting the cake


       **  For Intimate Event Rental ~ Available from mid-May through Oct 31 **

        **  For Outdoor Photography Rental ~ Available as weather permits **


We are so pleased at the number of people who are interested in Green Barn Gardens as a special event venue or as their outdoor photography studio! With our expanded parking and increase in our maximum capacity, we are happy to be able to rent the barnyard for special events, or as an outdoor photograph studio. Please contact us by phone at 801.510.3163 or by email through our Contact Us page for more information. We appreciate your business!
Our calendar for 2019 is beginning to fill up. Contact us soon for more information and to schedule a tour of the barnyard. We're looking forward to another beautiful wedding season!!

Thank you for considering our venue for your special occasion!




To reserve the barnyard for a one or two hour photography session or for an intimate event or wedding, Contact Us for more information. After the reservation is scheduled you can easily purchase the reservation from the options on our Online Catalog. All purchasing transactions are made through Paypal and are secure.
For intimate wedding or special events rentals, our equipment is available to use without additional cost. Equipment includes: round tables, buffet tables, chairs, wooden benches, portable backdrops and archways. Please call or email us to schedule an appointment or to ask for more details.



Some of the events held at Green Barn Gardens include vintage, western and garden theme wedding receptions, baby showers, bridal showers, family parties, dinner party with friends and birthday celebrations. Below are some photo's of a few events held at Green Barn Gardens. Additional pictures can be found further down on this page and at

Waiting for a beautiful moment.

Old doors add a unique style.

A lovely wedding party dinner.

Mr. and Mrs.

Sweet treats.

Wedding cake displayed in front of the barn.

Elegance and Nostalgia.

A creative card catcher.

Pretty flowers.

Additional Barn Reservation Information

To 'Reserve the Barnyard' for your special event or photography sitting session, use our Contact Us page to send an email that includes the following.
  1. Name and contact information of the hired Photographer and of the primary individual(s) who will be photographed or purpose of the special event.
  2. Date and time of desired reservation.
  3. Once the session at the Green Barn has been scheduled, you can use our Online Catalog option listed to purchase the reservation online. 

If you would like to reserve the barnyard for periods longer than our posted options, please Contact Us  or call 1.801.510.3163 for further options and information.


Terms and Conditions for all rentals:


Full payment is required before the scheduled Barnyard Reservation time/date occurs. Once the event non-refundable deposit or photo rental amount is paid and rental agreement is filled out an returned to us, your reservation is 'booked'. If a change in date and/or time is required, please contact us as soon as possible so that we may accommodate your needs. Current hours available for reserving the barnyard are 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. Since our available parking is limited, the current maximum capacity at any time is 100 people and 45 vehicles. Parking on the barnyard drive-way or immediately off the road in front is available. To avoid conflict with activity at the neighboring park, no parking along the east side of the road or at the neighboring city park is allowed per the Marriott-Slaterville City administration. Please honor this requirement!


To better serve our customers we will not 'double book' barnyard reservations to allow privacy during your 'booked' session. If you are unable to keep the 'booked' session, please Contact Us before the scheduled date to re-scheduled or to request a refund. After the session date, a refund may not be possible. Special condsideration will be made when inclement weather occurs.


We request that all customers be respectful of the barn, any wandering animals (wild or tame) and the surrounding grounds. Please do not drive or park on the lawn, or climb trees or any other structure on the property. Access inside the barn is currently not possible. Absolutely NO alcohol, open fires, all-terrain vehicles or fireworks are allowed for liability reasonsPlease remain safe during your reservation. Green Barn Gardens, LLC and owners are not liable for any personal injury or personal property loss or damage incurred by any participant during a Barnyard Reservation period. The required 'Rental Agreement' will be emailed to interested parties and must be signed and returned to us prior to the scheduled rental appointment. An adult party member will be required to assume full responsibility for ALL party members. It is this person's responsibility to obtain event insurance that covers any bodily injury or property damage for any guests at Green Barn Gardens during their rental period.



Beginning of Fall

Mill Creek in the Fall

Family time

Old Tractor

Shaded north side of barn

Iris in Spring



A winter sunset


Early Spring
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