THE BARN: The 2900 square foot green barn was built during the 1930's by William Smout (Uncle Bill).  The east side of the building was used for milking Guernsey cows, the center section was filled with hay for the livestock, and the west side was where he stored the larger farm equipment.  The wooden frame is mostly made of redwood with large bolts reinforcing the structure as it rests on a solid concrete foundation.  Uncle Bill's tool shed, located in the southeast corner of the barn, was where Uncle Bill stored his tools and spare tractor and equipment parts and as a young girl I remember him working on several farming projects.  I also remember how I liked the 'dark green' color Uncle Bill painted the barn and how kind he was with my siblings and I when we visited. The barn was a place Uncle Bill enjoyed spending much of his time.

After Uncle Bill passed away in 1968, not much occurred in or around the barn for many years.  The cows and horses were sold, the tool shed was locked and the grass, Russian olive and Siberian elm trees grew wild. As the years passed by, I remember looking at the barn each time I drove along the road in front and I noticing that the paint was fading and more of the cedar shake shingles would appear on the ground surrounding the barn after each storm.

To my delightful surprise, I inheriting Uncle Bill's big green barn and the property upon where the barn stands years ago, I remember unlocking the big door, walking inside and immediately noticing the old hay derrick which remained fixed to the south peak by a heavy rope.  There were still grain sacks rolled up and wrapped with twine hanging from the beams and there were a few pieces of old farming equipment and several tools that remained.  The concrete foundation and wooden beams remain intact, still managing to support the large structure.  Looking up you can see the sky through the spaces where old shingles once occupied.  The clean-up of the grounds began and I discovered that gardening was something I really enjoyed doing.  As things progressed with some help from my family (mowing grass, planting trees and flowers) a peaceful serenity at the old green barn began to emerge.

For the past few years, several families and newly engaged couples have requested to used the Green Barn as the background for their engagement or family photos. More recently, several couples have rented the barnyard as their wedding venue. The vintage barn and flowering gardens offer a delightfully beautiful setting. 

Green Barn Gardens LLC began early in 2008 with the hope of providing a means to reinforce the barn, replace the roof, improve the grounds and maintain the business. 

The hay derrick.

New beams being placed.

2010 - New beams placed. Each one is 21 feet long.

2013 - New beams placed inside barn.

2013 - New beams being placed to support the new roof of an inside shed.

2013 - New beams to support the new roof of an inside shed.

2014 - Spaying the Barn with Linseed oil.

2014 - North of barn being sprayed with Linseed oil.

2015 - Added parking along road.

2015 - New parking.

Our Goals
  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To promote education in gardening to the community.

Green Barn Gardens is located in a small farming community (Marriott-Slaterville City) in northern Utah, USA.  Tractors and other farm equipment are still seen driving down the streets as the farmers on top will stop along the way to visit. The most commonly grown crop is alfalfa (hay), but plenty of home vegetable, herb and flower gardens can be seen throughout the area.  Neighboring communities (Plain City and Farr West) are famous for Sugar Beets, Asparagus and Corn. 

Although our business is primarily an online operation, if you are in the area, we welcome you to drive by the Green Barn and enjoy the flowers in bloom!

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